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CakePHP and Docker. We all know that while developing a CakePHP software, we need to have a local environment with PHP, HTTP Server (nginx, apache) and a database (MySql, Postgres, Mongodb, etc). Installing those tools directly to your system is the basic way, but it can become a bit tricky when we have multiple projects using different versions of those tools... that's where Docker will. cakephp nginx php-fpm wordpress. Post Navigation. nginx - client request body is buffered to a temporary file. Why does Squid very rarely get TCP_HIT in the log, which consists mostly of TCP_MISS? Related Post. Googlebot repeatedly looks for files that aren't on my server. Systemd service file for assp . OpenSSL handshake failure. KVM - Changing Memory of Guests Live. How to combine AWS. Feb 29, 2016 · Unfortunately CakePHP 1.3 is not really compatible with PHP7 out of the box. I work on a old project in CakePHP 1.3 and my system upgraded to PHP7. There are a lot of these in the core of CakePHP 1.3 . After changing these, I ran into the next batch of errors, after which I rolled back and postponed the upgrade The configuration is set based on the CakePHP suggestions for nginx and myapp-nginx will handle all the incoming requests from the client and forward them to the myapp-php-fpm server which is what actually runs your PHP code. You can configure the nginx server by editing the /nginx/nginx.conf file myapp-php-fpm - the PHP processo Permissions¶. CakePHP uses the tmp directory for a number of different operations. Model descriptions, cached views, and session information are a few examples. The logs directory is used to write log files by the default FileLog engine.. As such, make sure the directories logs, tmp and all its subdirectories in your CakePHP installation are writable by the web server user

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php-fpm + CakePHP; MySQL; 躓いたポイント ; 完成後の構築イメージ. 白抜きの四角はdockerコンテナ。nginx, php-fpm, MySQLのコンテナを利用する。 青色の四角はホストOSのディレクトリ。 ポイント nginxとphp-fpmがホストOSの同一ディレクトリをマウントする。 構築 ディレクトリ構成. ホストOS側からみた設定. PHP Sunday, October 26, 2014. Re: using cakephp with nginx My bad, I had a copy/paste malfunction :) Here is a basic set-up: server { listen 80; server_name my_broken_project; rewrite_log on; root / var / www / my_broken_project / webroot; index index. php.

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こんにちは!インストラクターの須田です。 「php」でwebアプリを開発する際に必ずと言っていいほど使われるモノがあります。それは「webフレームワーク」です。いくつか種類がありますが、その中でも人気があるのは「cakephp」というwebフレームワークです . ├── app ├── db ├── nginx ├── default.conf ├── phpfpm ├── Dockerfile ├── php.ini ├── docker-compose.yml 3. docker-compose.yml cakephpとDBのコネクションを常時確保するために、コンテナのIPアドレスを固定化する CakePHP Videos Checkout our videos from youtube channel.. Load More. Sign up for our newsletter CakePHP Fixture Factory Plugin https: PM works as PHP FPM, it's a replacement for it. Below some benchmark: 50 Concurrent threads in 10 seconds. FPM 83 transactions per second, Failed 0, Concurrency 6.58. PPM 90.30 transactions per second, Failed 0, Concurrency 3.86. 200 Concurrent threads in 10 seconds . FPM 116,49 transactions per second, Failed 142, Concurrency 116.64. PPM 207.35.

PHP FPM est une implémentation alternative à PHP FastCGI que l'on va pouvoir faire communiquer avec Nginx. Lorsque l'on rencontre des fichiers PHP on va indiquer à nginx de passer par PHP FPM pour les interpréter. Installation. Vous l'aurez compris, pour installer PHP FPM il faut passer par le gestionnaire de paque Attention, ce n'est pas compatible avec le framework Cakephp. Sur les hébergements 2014, il faut même désactiver PHP-FPM. Mettre uniquement les lignes suivantes dans le fichier .ovhconfig app.engine=phpcgi app.engine.version=AUTO. Bonne chance. Guillaume, octobre 14, 2014 . moi j'ai essayer sur plusieur de mes site et j'ai ce message : Method not implemented. get to/no supported. filipe.

Debug PHP-FPM errors; Install New Relic for PHP; Send email with PHP using an external SMTP account; Modify PHP script execution time; Related guides for LAMP. Get started with CakePHP NOTE: We are in the process of modifying the file structure and configuration for many Bitnami stacks. On account of these changes, the file paths stated in this guide may change depending on whether your. And of course already installed Nginx, PHP FPM and MariaDB 10.x I will make this tutorial. Ok, we started to just create a virtual host. In this experiment, I use a free domain from freenom. You can also get a free domain : cakephp.cf . 1. Prepare Directory To Store Your Website Files. Sign in to SSH, and type this command. mkdir -p /srv/www/cakephp.cf/htdocs mkdir -p /srv/www/cakephp.cf/logs.

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Emits a Response to the PHP Server API. This emitter offers a few changes from the emitters offered by diactoros: It logs headers sent using CakePHP's logging tools. Cookies are emitted using setcookie() to not conflict with ext/session; For fastcgi servers with PHP-FPM session_write_close() is called just before fastcgi_finish_request() to make sure session data is saved correctly (especially. All hell broke loose, php-fpm could not deal with the new incoming requests, and the whole site was hanging, server performance was extremely low, with plenty CPU memory and disk available, but people were just not able to access the site, including pages that were not loading any info from the db. Restarting php-fpm fixed it for incoming requests, but as soon as someone navigated to a page. Using php5-fpm this is not the case, as the PHP process stays running to be re-used. Does anyone know a best practice for this? I'm thinking of modifying the CakePHP code to close the connection at the end of processing - but I'm wondering if there is a better way. Note: CakePHP's MemcacheEngine does NOT use pconnect. My version info Nginx + PHP-FPM + PHP 7.3 + CakePHP 2.10. バージョンアップ決断時の PHP 5.3 + CakePHP 1.3 という構成から、約2年かけて PHP 7.3 + CakePHP 2.10 までバージョンアップすることができました。 PHP7化は、バージョンアップを決断したときの大きな目標でした。 今回は1つの大きな区切りとなります。 CakeFest2019に登壇し.

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The official CakePHP config from the book does in fact work because I'm currently using it in several locations. I do have configs that are quite different than the book but they are beyond the scope if simply getting Cake to work with Nginx. I have much more than many Cake apps with the Cake core residing in a central location outside of /www. Having to config the rewrite rule for each. cakephp cifs nginx Php fpm; nginx + php5-fpm + cifs compartir + CakePHP timeout; nginx + php5-fpm + cifs compartir + CakePHP timeout . Recientemente he cambiado mi ambiente de desarrollo de cakephp 3 en un recurso compartido de networking. El server en cuestión sólo ha tenido un cambio de ruta para el nginx webroot ( root /var/www/webroot, a root /mnt/dev/webroot). Estoy montando la parte. sudo service php-fpm restart. sudo service nginx restart. よく使うLinuxコマンドリスト【CentOS】 2017/11/29 -Linux Linux.

El server web es extremadamente lento.htaccess time en godaddy Cómo agregar List-Unsubscribe en la cabecera de correo electrónico utilizando el componente CakeEmail Nginx, memcached y cakephp: el module memcached siempre extraña la caching Pasos para optimizar un server IIS para PHP Infección de Virus Crítica con el website de PHP. ¿Cuáles son las opciones para eliminar Virus This is how I setup cakephp so I can have multiple apps in subdirectories with a shared cakephp instance. Under NGinx I setup my webroot folder as follows /var/www/html <== webroot everything served from here /var/www/cakephp-2.5.4 <== cakephp lib folder here. Download cake to /var/www/cakephp-cakephp-2.5.4--g9c2a25d.zi PHP5.3 APC CakePHP1.3 Apache 2.2 + mod_php PHP5.3 APC CakePHP1.3 Nginx + PHP-FPM 5.3 PHP5.6 OPCache APCu CakePHP1.3 Nginx + PHP-FPM 5.6 PHP5.6 OPCache APCu CakePHP2 Nginx + PHP-FPM 5.6 PHP5.6 OPCache APCu CakePHP3 Nginx + PHP-FPM 5.6 PHP7.0 OPCache APCu CakePHP3 Nginx + PHP-FPM 7.0 Nginx + PHP-FPM に置き換え PHP 5.6まで ⼀気にバージョンアップ 現在の構成 最⼤の難関. Errors on nginx + php-fpm, no errors on apache. Hello Bakers, I have a quite weird problem. Wasted several hours on this already. I am migrating from apache 2.2 + mod_php to a nginx +..

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で、これからこういったPHPのエラーを修正しながら、CakePHP1.3をPHP7対応していくことになる。 修正内容. 大前提として、これからやる作業は以下の内容になる。 CakePHPのコアをいじる 古い書式を新しい書式に書き換え PHP / CakePHP Generating a CakePHP application $ azk shell --image azukiapp/php-fpm --shell /bin/bash # composer create-project cakephp/app my-cake-php --prefer-dist # exit Creating the Azkfile.js $ cd my-cake-php $ azk init Running application. To start the development environment $ azk start -o && azk logs --follow Examples PHP with CakePHP La extensión de la Biblioteca GD no está disponible con esta instalación de PHP Ubuntu Nginx Reescribir PHP-FPM y Nginx causando la descarga CakePHP 2.0: falta la conexión de la base de datos Mysql, o no se pudo crear El módulo de enlace seguro de Nginx no funciona con archivos php pero trabaja en archivos estáticos Nginx descarga.

My goal is to use a web server Nginx + PHP FPM and MariaDB version 10. This is the system I wanted, because rarely shared hosting using Nginx web server. For the record, Nginx web server is a alternative web server for Apache and LiteSpeed that have the ability to proces Dockerでnginx + php-fpm(CakePHP) + MySQL を立ち上げるまでの長い道のり - Qiita テクノロジー カテゴリーの変更を依頼 記事元: qiita.com 適切な情報に変 【PHPカンファレンス福岡】PHP 5.3 + CakePHP 1.3 → PHP 7 + CakePHP 3 移行を決めた

PHP-FPM コンテナ内で以下のように composer create-project コマンドで CakePHP 4 をインストールし、composer.phar を /var/www/html の中に移動します。 root@123456789abc:/var/www# php composer.phar create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app:4.* html root@123456789abc:/var/www# mv composer.phar htm Der Hauptgrund warum mod_php langsamer ist, liegt an mpm-prefork. Wenn man mod_php aktiviert, kann der Apache die Threads nur im prefork Modus abarbeiten - d.h. pro Request ein eigener Apache-Prozess. Bei CGI/FPM kann man mpm-worker oder mpm-event nutzen, die deutlich besser skalieren und bspw. nur verschiedene PHP-Prozesse aufmachen 在自己的笔记本上弄了个 CakePHP + Nginx 的组合,做了基本设置。 由于 80 端口已经被 Apache 占用,因此我指定 Nginx 监听 81 端口。 首先记得安装 Nginx 和 PHP5-FPM 模块: 1 $ sudo apt-get install nginx php5-

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  1. Je veux télécharger des images dans mon cakephp 3.0 app. Mais je reçois le message d'erreur: Notice (8): Undefined index: Images [APP / Controller / ImagesController. php, line 55] Sont déjà là quelques exemples pour le téléchargement de fichiers (plusieurs fichiers à la fois) dans cakePHP 3.0? Parce que je ne peux que trouver des.
  2. 1 débogage avec xdebug et cakephp dans eclipse PDT; 1 débogage des scripts CLI PHP à distance; 4 Aucune connexion entrante pour PhpStorm avec xdebug (nginx/php-fpm) 1 Xdebug avec PhpStorm fonctionne bien à partir de CLI, pas à partir du navigateur; Questions populaires. 147 références méthode Java 8: fournir un fournisseur capable de fournir un résultat paramétrés; 115 Diagramme de.
  3. hi, sorry for my bad english i replaced apache with nginx on my dedicated server (running under debian 7.5 wheezy) i have many cakephp project that works before if i just enter in my browser my_ip/my_cakephp_project but with nginx this projects doesn't work anymore i tried many nginx configuration without finding a solutio
  4. PHP development began in 1994 when Rasmus Lerdorf wrote several Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs in C, which he used to maintain his personal homepage.He extended them to work with web forms and to communicate with databases, and called this implementation Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter or PHP/FI.. PHP/FI could be used to build simple, dynamic web applications
  5. @hmic okay got php-fpm and nginx running. Its a little bit faster...still not too fast :S # Jul 29th 2017, 15:24: conehead: Urgh. Completely need to update my Dockerfile. Might take some time # Jul 29th 2017, 15:20 : hmic: don't think this will make a difference, but give it a try and report back # Jul 29th 2017, 15:20: conehead: Hm deactivated xdebug module. Seems to be a tiny bit faster, but.
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Alternative: php-fpm. There also is php-fpm. Pretty much does the same thing, but faster. Unfortunately at the time of writing I'm experiencing too many crashes for it to be recommendable. This will probably change soon though. HtAccess. It's true that Nginx doesn't support .htaccess, but to be honest: .htaccess files are the worst. The additional recursive dir-stats, I/O, & processing. but i'm getting the error: The requested package cakephp/cakephp No version set (parsed as 1.0.0) is satisfiable by cakephp/cakephp # Jul 28th 2017, 17:40: ivansosajigga: if i wanted to add cakephp 2.10 to composer, what would be the correct syntax? i'm trying to add cakephp/cakephp: ~2.10 under require {} # Jul 28th 2017, 17:36: ericadeefo While designed for web development, the PHP scripting language also provides general-purpose use Salut quelqu'un merci de m'aider, je suis en train de l'installation de cakephp environnement sur un Centos serveur exécutant Nginx avec Fait CGI. J'a devilbox@php-7.0.20 in /shared/httpd/my-cake $ tree -L 1. ├── cakephp └── htdocs -> cakephp/webroot 2 directories, 0 files As you can see from the above directory structure, htdocs is available in its expected path and points to the frameworks entrypoint

php; apache; mysql; CakePHP 2xのリダイレクト(redirect)の指定方法 . dacelo CakePHP October 17, 2018. CakePHPでは処理のあとにredirectメソッドを設定して終わるのがセオリー。リダイレクトの後にexit()が発行されるため、処理が終了するそうな。 その飛び先指定方法には3種類がある。 コントローラ・アクション. Ubuntu10.04LTS+nginx+php-fpmでwordpressやCakePHPを動かす. 現状、Apache+mod_phpをnginxで置き換えるとすると、nginx+spawn-fcgi+php-cgiを使ってる人が多いと思うんだけど、Ubuntuの公式リポジトリだとnginxのバージョンが低く(0.7系)、spawn-fcgiはinit.dスクリプトを書くかdaemontools使わなきゃいけないし、Apache+mod_php. Supported technologies for php profiling via Retrace. After seeing this demonstration of an actual PHP codebase being put through its paces by Retrace, you may be wondering, What stack are you using? Does this apply to my PHP stack? My client profiling project uses CakePHP 2.x, PHP 5.6, and MySQL. You can use other popular technologies. We will install a program (actually a service) called php-fpm. This service will listen for requests to interpret. Install the php-fpm service: (We currently use one CakePHP v2 and one CakePHP v3 application in order to migrate from CakePHP v2 to CakePHP v3) is a directory with various pages which are centrally managed through the RADIUSdesk Dynamic Login Pages applet. Although. $ sudo /sbin/chkconfig nginx on $ sudo /sbin/chkconfig php-fpm on あとはCakePHP / WordPressをインストールすればokです。 5. 実際に使ってみて. Apache+mod_phpからの移行ということで基本Apache感覚で触りだしたわけですが、つまづいたというか気になったことを。 5-1. Aliasはaliasで. ApacheのAliasのようなことをやりたい.

PHP5.6 (engine= php fpm par défaut) et CakePHP 2.5. Site fonctionne parfaitement sur PC. Site inaccessible sur mobile device IOS => ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED ANDROID => PAGE BLANCHE. PHP5.6 (engine= FastCGI donc FPM désactivé) et CakePHP 2.5. Site accessible sur PC => Impossible de s'authentifier (la requête AJAX+le retour sont pourtant bien effectué) le traitement du retour est toujours. Docker VirtualBox PHP PHP-FPM CakePHP プログラミング 仮想化 Qiita ※この記事はQiitaにも掲載しています。 nmtysh.hatenablog.com. PHP7を試すためのdocker-compose.ymlを作って、CakePHPをいざ試そうとすると色々モジュールが足りなかったり、VirtualBoxでBoot2Dockerを動かしているために発生する問題があったので、その. 最終更新時間:2019年01月28日 22時06分37

You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups CakePHP group. To post to this group, send email to cake-php@googlegroups.com. To unsubscribe from this group, send email to cake-php+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com CakePHP has more shortcuts, but it's almost like learning a new language trying to figure them all out. 2. share. Report Save. level 1. 8 years ago. I'd choose CodeIgniter over Cake any day. But if you're learning a framework, I'd advise Kohana. As I grow as a developer, I find myself less and less enamored with how CI works and appreciating more and more Kohana's autoloading and overloading. PHP-FPM is an alternative FastCGI for PHP, which intends to handle high loads. NGINX uses event-driven architecture and occupies around 10MB of RAM while handling a large number of requests. PHP-FPM is enhanced in terms of speed. It is a lot better than a mod_php module - a default module in Apache HTTP server. PHP-FPM is an independent process and does not require to be loaded by the web. This quick step-by-step guide shows you how to start PHP-FPM monitoring in Dynatrace. Locate bottlenecks in your application code . Dynatrace enables you to dig into your applications and find hotspots at the code level. Locate problematic methods with CPU or network bottlenecks within the execution call stack. Your ability to find and resolve PHP performance issues will improve significantly. Customization is achieved by placing a file into cfg/php-fpm-X.X/ (where X.X stands for your PHP version). The file must end by .conf in order to be sourced by the PHP-FPM server.. Each of the PHP-FPM conf configuration directories already contains three example file: devilbox-fpm.conf-default, devilbox-fpm.conf-pm_dynamic and devilbox-fpm.conf-pm_ondemand

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  1. I have a problem with xdebug run on docker. My phpStorm not discover xdebug and not stop even on first script line. My project is in symfony 5. Eveything apart xdebug works fine
  2. CakePHP uses Composer, a dependency management tool, as the officially supported method for installation. Installing Composer on Linux and macOS Run the installer script as described in the official Composer documentation and follow the instructions to install Composer
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  5. Now that the php-fpm service is installed we should change the default Nginx server to make use of it. Edit the default server file: sudo vi / etc / nginx / sites-enabled / default. Add index.php to this line: #add index.php index index.php index.html index.htm; Activate PHP precessing by uncommenting this this section. Note that we use the UNIX socket: # pass the PHP scripts to FastCGI server.
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In this article I'm demonstrating a CakePHP setup, but 1 slight modification and this applies to pretty much any PHP Framework. So there are a few differences from your typical Apache setup that I'd like to highlight. Install Nginx. If you're running Ubuntu like me it helps to have Karmic or higher. Then just type: aptitude install nginx. Other operating systems: it shouldn't be much. How to install RADIUSdesk on CentOS 6.4 using Nginx By Freddy FALANGA 3 Configure Nginx to interpret .php files php-fpm The default install of Nginx does not support the serving of .php files. We will install a program (actually a service) called php-fpm. This service will listen for requests to interpret The server has Nginx which forwards requests to Apache and php-fpm. In php.ini connected PDO extension=pdo_mysql.so phpinfo() on the websites running on apache shows PDO drivers ->mysql phpinfo() on sites running on php-fpm shows PDO drivers -> no value OS is ArchLinux. Why php-fpm does not connect to the PDO driver and how to fix it Before installing ImageMagick, ensure the proper PHP version for your web application. Depending on the PHP version installed, you will need a different ImageMagick installation. But once you have installed it, it will be available for all web applications which use the same PHP version on your server. Let's start with PHP7.4 Imagick PHP module Je devais installer deux environnements cakePHP complètement séparés sur mon serveur nginx (nginx 1.0.5, php5-fpm via fastcgi). J'ai créé la structure de dossiers suivante: /var/www /**virtual1**/ /app /lib/Cake/.. Switch-Case Informatique. Les communautés (2) Booking - 10% de réduction cakephp nginx open-basedir. Deux gâteauPH-Interfering Installations sur le serveur nginx/php-fpm. Je.

Note. CakePHP will dynamically create a model object for you if it cannot find a corresponding file in /app/Model. This also means that if you accidentally name your file wrong (i.e. post.php or posts.php), CakePHP will not recognize any of your settings and will use the defaults instead location ~. php $ {root / data / site / www. ttlsa. com; try _ files $ uri = 404; fastcgi_pass unix: / tmp / php5-fpm. sock; # 改成你对应的FastCGI. fastcgi_index index. php; fastcgi_param SCRIPT _ FILENAME $ document_root $ fastcgi_script_name; include fastcgi_params; fastcgi_buffer _ size 128k; fastcgi _ buffers 256 4k; fastcgi_busy_buffers _ size 256k; fastcgi_temp_file_write _ size. Image for Cakephp 2.9.7 tests with mysql server and php on board. Container. Linux. x86-64. 3.4K Download Dockerfile-php-container. php7.2でcakePHPに必要なプラグインとxdebugの設定を書いたDockerFileをこんな感じで。xdebug.remote_hostは 親docker のipを指定。 FROM php:7.2-fpm RUN apt-get -y update \ && apt-get install -y libicu-dev\ && docker-php-ext-configure intl \ && docker-php-ext-install intl \ && docker-php-ext-install pdo_mysql RUN pecl install xdebug. Environment Variable Value; Php Version: 7..33-nmm1: Path /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin: User: w01069cc: Home /www/htdocs/w01069c

php fpm - nginx + php5-fpm + cifs share + CakePHP timeout

  1. I've got a CakePHP 1.2-based web site (I know.. too ancient) that I need to upgrade only to whatever is the oldest Cake to support PHP 7.1 (I think roughly Cake 2.8, from what I've seen so far), because my host is upgrading PHP to 7.1 across the board. This site only needs to live maybe 1 more year before we totally replace it, but we don't have time to do that before the host upgrades PHP at.
  2. $ cd /var/www/rsp.arakaki.app/ $ ls -la 合計 8 drwxr-xr-x 2 arakaki arakaki 4096 12月 19 07:55 . drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 4096 12月 19 02:09. $ sudo yum install php-intl php-mbstring php-xml php-mysql $ sudo systemctl restart php-fpm $ composer create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app:4.* . $ sudo cp /
  3. Enable rewrite rules in CakePHP for pretty URL's CakePHP makes use of the .htaccess files in Apache to enable pretty URLs. Configure Nginx to interpret .php files php5-fpm. The default install of Nginx does not support the serving of .php files. We will install a program (actually a service) called php5-fpm. This service will listen for requests to interpret. By default it listens on a.
  4. Hire a CakePHP Developer Browse CakePHP Jobs Post a CakePHP Project iam Michael a php expert with over 15 years experience dealing with php & php-fpm & ngi More. $15 USD in 7 days (5 Reviews) 1.6. rahulradadiya33 . hello, I go through your project detail and can definitely help you to download and Install PHP Laravel 7 and setup old file. I develop below three site in Laravel. [ to.
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Le module PHP Memcache peut être utilisé pour gérer des sessions qui seraient autrement stockées sur le système de fichiers. Stocker des sessions PHP dans Memcached présente l'avantage de pouvoir les distribuer sur plusieurs serveurs de cloud exécutant Memcached, de manière à maintenir la redondance des sessions. Sans cette configuration Memcached, si votre application est en train. Selecting a PHP-FPM Pool#. When you add a new Domain, you can now select the new created PHP-FPM Pool in the PHP-Version drop down.. The PHP-FPM Pool for existing domains can be changed in the PHP Settings of your domain.. PHP Settings#. In the PHP Settings of your domain, you can change the PHP Version and make other settings like:. memory_limit; max_execution_tim Posts about CakePHP written by kribbler and danieloraca. I believe it was WordPress who came up with the term slug. It has been adopted by many other systems though, and it basically means the following: a unique identifier which can be used in a URL to create a permalink to a page.. At least, that's my interpretation of it

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  1. Uses the memory of the dyno more efficiently by going with NGINX and PHP-FPM instead of Apache/mod_php; Supports Composer out of the box ; No writing NGINX configuration files: supports CakePHP, Classic PHP applications, Magento, Silex, Slim, Symfony 2 and ZF2 apps with a simple configuration driven by your composer.json. Zero-Configuration Symfony 2 deployment. Dynamic installing of supported.
  2. Request History 4 previous requests available Restore to current request; wp-content/plugins/jekyll-exporter/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/Util/PHP/eval-stdin.php
  3. Dockerでnginx + php-fpm(CakePHP) + MySQL を立ち上げるまでの長い道のり - Qiit
  4. PHP: Re: using cakephp with ngin

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  1. Tutoriel Vidéo PHP FPM pour Apache - Grafikart
  2. dockerのphp:7-fpm-alpineイメージでCakePHP3を動かす - Qiit
  3. CakePHP and Nginx kvz
  4. CakePHP - 1.3のPHP7移行と延命 その
  5. CakePHP — Wikipédi
  6. Get started with CakePHP - docs
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